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Phool Vedic Havan Samagri is an attempt to restore the essence of the traditional Vedic Havan, which purifies the surroundings and eliminates negative energy while restoring tranquillity. Unlike the commercially sold Havan Samagri which is loaded with cheap sawdust, toxic chemicals and artificial perfumes, our special mix contains the essence of 24 naturally sourced herbs, each holding ayurvedic significance. Each constituent is procured directly from locales indigenous to them. Emanating a woody, herbaceous smell, this Havan samagri with anti-microbial properties amongst others contains:
- Cedarwood 
- Sandalwood 
- Nutmeg 
- Indian Myrrh
- Black Stone Flower
- Cloves
- Ginger Lily

Quantity: 600 grams

Country of Origin: India
Manufactured, Packaged & Marketed by: Kanpur Flowercycling Private Limited

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Manu Mahajan

Phool Vedic Havan Samagri

Amazing Havan Samagri

Good Product

Dr. smriti Mishra
Best havan samagri till date

Thank u ❤️ so much

Kamini Rajput

Phool Vedic Havan Samagri

Prince Roy

Phool Vedic Havan Samagri

Q1. What other paraphernalia is required for the Hawan?
1. A pure metal ‘Hawan Kund’, it can be easily found in local markets. Amalgams and alloys are not suitable for ritualistic purposes.
2. Mango wood is ideal for Hawan as it releases formic aldehyde which has antibacterial properties.
3. Cow Ghee, as it has purifying properties. 
4. PanchMewa

Q2. How to prepare the Samagri?
Place the amount of samagri needed for the Hawan in a metal tray/ bowl and mix it with ghee. If the Hawan performers have other traditional additions, they must be added to the mix.  
Q3. Can the Hawan be performed in an enclosed space?
Ideally, the Hawan should be performed in an open, well-ventilated space.
Q4. Does the smoke induce eye irritation?
Phool’s special Hawan Samagri contains all-natural ingredients sourced locally, with no toxic chemical additives and is perfectly safe for the eyes.
Q5. Is it safe for the vulnerable, i.e, children, people with lung issues etc? 
Hawan smoke is inherently purifying and detoxing in nature. If there are visible side-effects like throat irritation and coughing, one should refrain from participating. Those with vulnerabilities should consult their doctor before performing or attending a Hawan.
Q6. What are the ingredients?
Phool Vedic Hawan Samagri contains 24 locally sourced completely natural ingredients. They are:
1. Tej Patta (Bay Leaf)
2. Badi Elaichi (Black Cardamom)
3. Camphor Powder
4. Khus Khus (Poppy Seeds)
5. Indrajau (Bitter Oleander)
6. RatanJot (Alkanet)
7. Rose Petals
8. Cinnamon Bark Powder
9. Nutmeg Fruit
10. Javitri (Mace)
11. Clove
12. Vetiver Roots
13. Ashwagandha (Indian Ginseng)
14. Kapur Kachri
15. Chareela
16. Guggul
17. Loban
18. Sandalwood Powder
19. Sugandh Kokila
20. Sugandh Mantri Powder
21. Nagarmotha Powder
22. Deodar Powder
23. Juniper Berry
24. Sugandh Bala (Indian Valerian

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Phool Vedic Havan Samagri
MRP Rs. 1,145.00 (incl. of all taxes)