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Tea Tree Cones | Handmade Ceramic Diyas | Cashew Almonds | Herbal Tea | Camphor Cones

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S Shruthi

A thing of beauty, these incense induce so much calmness each time I use it.


When you are so far from home and missing your near and dear in the festivals. This is the best place to send the gifts in this festive season. The product is exactly the same showing in the picture.


Perfect gift for your friends and family

Radhika Agrawal

Amazing boxing with quality gift. I like all the orders. Too good. Recommend to everyone


On time on date.. happy with your service.. very promising service.. keep the good work going on

As the name suggests, this box is the ideal Diwali gift, with intricate artwork depicting traditional Diwali elements with rich blue background. The vibrant hues of this box are a treat for the eyes making it a perfect choice for this Diwali

It contains:    
1. Tea Tree Cone Box (40 cones), made from temple flowers, certified natural.
2. Set of 2 exquisite, handcrafted ceramic Diyas in vibrant colours perfect for Diwali decorations
3. Two packs of dry fruit mix from The Eat Better Company with savoury and sweet & crunchy flavours, with an assortment of delicious and healthy nuts for all those festive munchies.
4. A pack of Hibiscus Rose Herbal Tea with indulgent floral flavors (1 packet) from Vahdam, a brand reimagining fresh tea by sourcing it directly from farmers! 
5. Dual-purpose Camphor Cones with both fragrance and repellent properties (1 pack) from CamPure- who have reinvented Camphor usage in India.

Q1. What is Phool’s Plantable Mithai?
Sustainability is the basis of our ethos. Keeping this in mind, we wanted to recreate festive staples- traditional sweets in this case, in an eco-friendly manner. Our plantable mithais resemble traditional sweets and contain germinating seeds in a fertile layer, ready to be planted. All four mithais contain different seeds and fertile coatings conducive to the growth of the seeds.

Neem Coated Plantable Laddoo: This plantable mithai contains sunflower seeds in a coat of neem, along with nutritional Red Amaranthus seeds.
Rose Coated Plantable Laddoo: Containing the seeds of Indian Laburnum- a beautiful flowering tree, and purslane in a rose petal-based coating, this plantable laddoo will be a joy to watch as it grows, year after year.
Coffee Coated Plantable Laddoo: Embedded in this coffee-coated plantable laddoo are the seeds of Gulmohar- a tree bearing orange-red flowers and Amaranthus.
Neem Sawdust Coated Plantable Laddoo: This plantable mithai contains spinach seeds embedded in a nutrient-rich neem and sawdust layer.

Q2. What is Phool’s Plantable Pathakas?
Crackers are almost synonymous with Diwali. While the use of firecrackers for Diwali celebrations has become a heated issue, no pun intended, we tried to come up with an eco-friendly alternative with our Flowercrackers. These crackers don’t burst but are instead packed with seeds that will grow into beautiful plants.

Q3. How to plant the PHOOL plantable Firecrackers?
STEP 1: Cover the pathaka with a thin layer of soil.
STEP 2: Spray water regularly (making sure to not leave the soil waterlogged) and avoid direct sunlight until the seeds germinate.
STEP 3: Once the seeds have germinated, move the pot to an area with optimum sunlight.

Q4. How do I plant PHOOL plantable Mithai?
STEP 1: Cover the mithai with a thin layer of soil.
STEP 2: Spray water regularly and avoid direct sunlight until the seeds germinate.
STEP 3: After germination, move the pot to optimum sunlight.

Q5. What are the seeds inside Phool Plantable crackers?
At Phool, each plantable cracker is crafted from waste newspaper and is embedded with seeds such as Green Amaranthus, Red Amaranthus, Basil, Sponge gourd, Gulmohar, Spinach, Golden Shower, Gypsophila, Chrysanthemum, Purslane, Balsam, Cosmos, and Ashwagandha.

Q6. How much time does it take for the plant to grow?
Once the seeds find the right sowing conditions, they start germinating and take around 7-15 days to grow enough to be visible above soil level.

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