7 Stones To Activate Every Energy Chakra In The Body!

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Chakras serve as pivotal energy centers within the body, believed to harmonize organs, body functions, and mental well-being. This rakhi is meticulously crafted with stones specifically chosen to activate each of the 7 chakras, aligning with ancient wisdom regarding these energy points in the human body. Each stone is thoughtfully incorporated to support optimal energy flow and balance, It contains certified stones Moakite,Mother of pearl ,Pink quartz ,Amethyst,Lapis lazuli,Jade and Jasper. Each acting on respective chakras of the body

  • The 7 Chakras in the body are Muladhara (for grounding and stabilizing), Svadhisthana (for adaptability and creativity), Manipura (for personal strength), Anahata (for unconditional love), Vishuddha (for self-expression), Ajna (for intuition), Sahasrara (for consciousness).
  • Continue to use it as a lucky charm and bracelet after the festival of Rakshabandhan!
  • The box contains a complimentary duo of Roli-Chawal packed in cute bottles to complete the preparation of the Tilak ritual.
Enhance your brother’s spiritual well-being with the 7 energies of this rakhi. Happy Rakshabandhan 😀

Country of Origin: India