Activates Anahata Chakra (Heart)

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Chakras are the focal energy centers in the body that are believed to help your organs, body and mind work at their optimum levels. This Rakshabandhan, choose a rakhi embellished with authentic Rose Quartz Stones that enhance the Anahata (Heart) Chakra, associated with unconditional love, compassion and joy. This is a bridge to activating all the other chakras in the body as well. In ancient times, the Romans used to believe that Rose Quartz was the crystal of Venus, the Goddess of Love!

  • This rakhi is beautifully designed with detailed pink threads.
  • In addition to activating the heart chakra, rose quartz is believed to be a stone that supports emotional and personal healing.
  • The box contains a complimentary duo of Roli-Chawal packed in cute bottles to complete the preparation of the Tilak ritual.
  • Rose Quartz Stone is believed to be especially beneficial for Aries, Taurus, Libra, Scorpio Zodiac Signs.
May this rakhi foster an environment of peace and emotional healing. Happy Rakshabandhan 😀

Country of Origin: India