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The tranquil fragrance of White Cedar Incense Sticks evokes scenes of serene forests and ancient trees with its green and floral quality. This comforting aroma is born of the wood and resin of the White Cedar tree, ecologically known as Thuja occidentalis, native to North America. The lengthy process involves steps such as harvesting of the tree bark and collection of the aromatic sap or resin through intentional tapping, resulting in the magical fragrance that we know so well. 

Phool White Cedar Natural Incense Sticks are a magnificent combination of temple flowers and essential oils. 

  • Handcrafted by our women flowercyclers with love and care. 
  • Each stick is 25.4 cm in length with a long burning time of 40-45 minutes.
  • The calming nature of the fragrance makes it ideal for any time of the day. 


Did you know, White Cedar is one of the longest living tree species in North America, with some trees living over 1000 years! Add a touch of history to your home with Phool White Cedar Natural Incense Sticks. 

So good that just one pack isn’t enough. Get the bundle now!

Customer Reviews

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Raunak Ghosh

Phool Natural Incense Sticks - White cedar Bundle Packs


Nice anek of all the products ashich i use thought price is on hi ghet side


The best incense sticks.

I want to tell the user who has given her review,that these are charcoal free and natural so they may stop in the middle..u can lit them again.
Thank you

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Phool Natural Incense Sticks - White cedar Bundle Packs
MRP Rs. 330.00 (incl. of all taxes)