Flower Pollution
Ma Ganga, it is known in Hindi: “Mother Ganges”. It’s an apt name - the Ganges has nurtured and supported the rise of Indian civilization. This sacred river is believed to be a curer of sins and wrong doings of all humankind. But unfortunately, it is also the victim of immensely harmful practices of humans and is hardly an idol for purity in literal terms. So much so that it is the third most polluted river in the world. We are always fed with the notion that industries are polluting our rivers and most of the times we end up feeling 'nothing can be done about it' or 'the government should take some action' etc. But rarely do we think of flowers as a source of pollution.

Offerings flowers in temples is an ancient tradition and one that still remains prominent. However, the population of devotees and hence the demand for flowers has constantly been risen many folds. The 9000 Crore Floriculture industry in India is growing at five percent annually. How are the farmers able to grow these tonnes of flowers and meet the markets needs? The answer is simple - Chemical Pesticides , Insecticides and Fertilizers.

3 fold issues:
⦁ Toxic Chemicals – Contaminated water
⦁ Fragile Ecosystem
⦁ 80,00,000 metric decompose along with the faecal coliform bacteria giving rise to severe diarrhea, cholera and other water borne diseases

Eradication of manual scavenging
A dehumanizing practice prevalent for thousands of years. A society suppressed and stifled for generations based on an outdated caste-system. Humans who have been deprived of basic human rights and empathy. The ‘untouchables’ who are so bottled-up by society, they have forgotten to dream! Manual scavenging needs to end! And Phool offers a new beginning.
At Phool, we understand offering employment is not the solution but merely a start. For a society to evolve we need to change mind-sets which have been inherited from thousands of years societal norms and practices. We pursue an approach which will not only transform livelihood of women working with us but will also secure acceptance of their family into the society. A world where their children will receive education and start to dream again!

Healthy Products
Phool not only emphasises on environmental and sociological benefits, but also focuses on personal benefits for our end users. Our values include making product of the maximum quality which are 100% organic, chemical free and promote a healthy living.
Incense Stick- Charcoal free to
Florafoam- eco-friendly, biodegradable instead of petroleum based products
Bio-leather- Made from flower waste instead of animal skin saving fauna

Soap – 100% natural for skincare
April 01, 2020 by Ankit Agarwal