Celebrating Holi with skin-friendly gulaal crafted from temple flowers

As the fragrance of spring fills the air, Holi emerges as a radiant celebration, weaving together the vibrancy of colours, the exuberance of joy, and the essence of unity.

Rooted deep within Indian culture, this festival transcends boundaries, inviting millions worldwide to partake in its colourful tapestry of tradition and mythology.

With every splash of colour, laughter echoes through the streets, binding hearts in a shared heritage. Amidst the hues, tales of ancient Gods and Goddesses connect with the present moment, embodying the spirit of Holi's timeless celebration. It's a time when differences dissolve, and communities come together, embracing the diversity that defines us all. 

So, let us immerse ourselves in the vibrant celebration of Holi, where the colours of joy paint a picture of unity that knows no bounds.

Reflections on Current Festivities

Amidst the jubilant festivities, concerns have been raised regarding the adverse effects of synthetic colours on both skin and the environment. These colours cause skin irritations, allergies, and eye infections and contribute to environmental pollution.

Furthermore, the staining and damage caused by synthetic colours diminish the post-Holi experience. Overall, the prevalence of harmful colours detracts from the joyous spirit of Holi, posing health risks and environmental concerns.

Let's understand how synthetic colours can affect the Holi merriment

  • Skin Reactions: Synthetic colours contain lead oxide and mercury sulphide, causing skin irritations, allergies, and rashes, disrupting the festive mood.
  • Eye Irritation: Direct exposure to synthetic pigments can lead to eye irritation, inflammation, and infections, posing a risk to ocular health during Holi celebrations.
  • Health Risks: Synthetic hues contain heavy metals and toxic compounds, posing serious health hazards if ingested or inhaled, especially dangerous for children.
  • Staining: Synthetic colours tend to stain clothes, skin, and surfaces, causing lasting discolouration and damage, disrupting post-Holi cleanliness.

We at Phool wanted to change this. Since we are the pioneers of flower cycling, we thought of using the same technology to make Holi safe and enjoyable again with Phool Natural Gulaal, the world’s first skin-safety certified, 100% natural gulaal made from temple flowers

The Phool Basant Natural Gulaal box celebrates the love and joy in a box with the purpose of repurposing. It is handcrafted from temple flowers, essential oils, herbs and other organic ingredients.

Basant Natural Gulaal Box

Reasons to incorporate Phool Holi Collection in your celebrations

  • Skin-Friendly: Chemical-free Holi colours are made from natural ingredients such as flowers, herbs, and plant extracts, making them gentle on the skin. Unlike synthetic colours that often contain harmful chemicals like lead, mercury, and ammonia, organic colours are less likely to cause skin irritation, rashes, or allergic reactions. 

Our range of gulaal is India’s first Ecocert Cosmos Certified gulaal, natural isn’t just a claim, it is tested and verified by the highest certification body! Our colours are wonderfully vibrant, wash off easily and leave no stains behind. With a silky-smooth, non-abrasive texture that is incomparable to any other gulaal ever seen, these colours are the best to suit your Holi celebrations.

  • Environmental Sustainability: Synthetic colours harm our skin and pose a significant threat to the environment. Chemical-laden colours contain toxic substances that can contaminate water bodies, soil, and vegetation, causing long-term ecosystem damage. Choosing organic colours from 100% natural ingredients promotes environmental sustainability by reducing pollution and preserving natural resources.
  • Biodegradability: Unlike synthetic colours that linger in the environment for years, organic colours are biodegradable and eco-friendly. They break down naturally over time, minimising their impact on landfills and ecosystems. Choosing chemical-free Holi colours contributes to a cleaner and greener environment for future generations.

Celebrate Holi responsibly by adding a colour of consciousness with the Phool Braj Holi box

Braj Holi Box

Legend has it that in Braj or Vrindavan, young Krishna playfully complained to Ma Yashoda about the difference between his dark blue complexion and Radha’s milky-white skin. Amused, Ma Yashoda suggested colouring Radha’s face to match his own. This playful act inspired the festival of Holi, symbolising the joy of applying colours to loved ones. This box celebrates this tale of love and joy, with natural colours, a than-dai mix, chandan tika, a skin safety certificate and a greeting card perfect for the festivities.

How is Phool Holi Gulaal Made ?

The festival of Holi is no fun if your skin has to bear the harsh aftermath of using non-certified gulaal filled with toxins that cause rashes, and allergies and won’t wash off, no matter what you do. All these problems are solved by Phool’s natural gulaal, handcrafted from flowers, herbs and organic ingredients with a blend of essential oils. 

The authenticity of these colours is verified by Ecocert’s Cosmos Certification, awarded only when the product is at least 95% organic, sustainable for the environment and human use and does not contain any petrochemicals, parabens or other toxic substances. You can indulge in a fun-filled and safe Holi with Phool Natural Gulaal.

As we celebrate Holi with jazz and merriment, let us remember the significance of embracing eco-friendly colours. The tradition of crafting gulaal from temple flowers exemplifies the harmonious coexistence of tradition, spirituality, and sustainability. 

So, this Holi, let us paint the town red, blue, green, and every colour of the rainbow, all while preserving the sanctity of our environment and honouring the beauty of nature's bounty. Each colour holds significance in the Indian heritage.

  • Yellow- The bright, summer shade of yellow in Phool Yellow Natural Gulaal comes from turmeric, marigold flowers, the floral fragrance of Loban essential oil and other natural ingredients
  • Orange- Representing the essence of a radiant, sunlit morning, Phool Orange Natural Gulaal exudes freshness and vibrancy. Derived from Palaash flowers and crafted with 100% natural pigments, its captivating orange hue embodies the beauty of nature itself.
  • Blue- The mesmerising deep blue tint of Phool Blue Natural Gulaal comes from Indigo, Butterfly Blue flowers and other natural ingredients, along with the woody aroma of Lavender essential oil. 
  • Purple- Derived from the goodness of Jamun berries, blueberries, and other natural ingredients, Phool Purple Natural Gulaal emanates festive brilliance with its vibrant shades.
  • Green- The lively and cheerful green tones of Phool Green Natural Gulaal are derived from neem leaves, bael patra, and the uplifting aroma of Tulsi essential oil.
  • Pink - Phool Pink Natural Gulaal honours the cherished traditions and the spirit of togetherness that define the essence of Holi. Its delightful pink shades derive from the essence of the Indian Rose, carefully encapsulated in charming pouches, adding a touch of perfection to the festival celebrations.

Packed in beautifully illustrated boxes, Phool’s natural gulaals are a vibrant, fun addition to Holi celebrations. 

You can buy them individually from Phool.co

From vibrant Holi colours to the traditional Thandai Phool Prahlada collection has it all. It is the perfect box to gift your family and friends.

In the box, we have added a ‘Happy Holi’ t-shirt made from recycled plastic bottles, an organic mix of rajwadi saunf and Indian rose misri straight from the lanes of Jodhpur, pure sandalwood chandan tika and a fun interactive greeting card. Also part of this box is a shower gel and premium body lotion in the signature fragrance- Tishya, from The Leela Group of Hotels perfect for your post-holi cleanup. This gift box is thoughtfully curated with all Holi essentials so that you can indulge in a fun-filled and joyful celebration!

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Good for you, good for the people who make it and good for the planet!ank

Here’s wishing all of you a joyful Holi.