Diwali Decor Trends To Transform Your Home

Diwali, the festival of lights is a time for illumination and embellishing your home with warmth and radiance. It's a moment to celebrate the victory of light over darkness and good over evil with your loved ones by your side. 

Diwali Decorations are always a special part of this festival, no matter in which part of India you reside. Every year the decor work starts a month in advance, from cleaning every corner of the house to adding new and exclusive furniture pieces for some oomph.

From New Diya Jhoomars to beautiful new flower bowls, and brand-new carpets and curtains, we dare not miss an element.

This Diwali, as you prepare to welcome this joyous occasion, let's have a look into the latest décor trends that can transform your home into a luminous haven. We'll also explore how we can make Diwali delightful and sustainable with Phool…

New Decor Trends for Diwali 2023

1. Illuminated Elegance: Diyas and Candles

diyas and candles


Diwali is synonymous with the soft glow of Diyas (oil lamps) and the flicker of candles. This timeless trend always stays in style. Beautifully placing traditional brass or clay diyas in your entryway with something we learnt from our grandparents, and shall move through generations still. Scattering of candles of various sizes throughout your home adds that natural glow. For a modern twist, consider candles that are safe and have a long shelf-life. With Phool’s Soy candles, you can give an eco-friendly touch to your Diwali Decorations this year. 

Psst! Our candles are Vegan too…

2. Floral Rangoli: Marigold and Beyond

flower rangoli


Marigolds have always been an integral part of Diwali décor, but this year, think beyond. Incorporate fresh flowers like jasmine and roses to create stunning floral rangolis and garlands. Beautifully lay them on self-curated water pots and place them in various corners of the house. Please note, that we do not encourage artificial plastic flowers. It is very difficult to recycle such flowers, and they only add up to the landfill. 

Rangoli with herbal colours is also an art form that adds vibrancy to your doorstep. While coloured powders are the traditional choice, you can experiment with flower petals, rice, or even intricate stencil designs for a contemporary touch.

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Phool is soon going to launch rangoli colours and stencils for Diwali. Do not miss out)

3. Lighting and Art: String Lights, Lanterns & Dhoopbattis

string lights

String lights and paper lanterns are the go-to choices for adding a touch of magic to your home. Hang them in your courtyard, balcony, or veranda to create an enchanting atmosphere. Get your hands on some intricately designed votives to place natural lights.

Consider adorning your walls with intricate wall hangings, tapestries, or hand-painted murals that depict traditional motifs or modern art. These pieces can become the focal point of your décor.

Also, do not forget your olfactory senses this Diwali; make sure your abode has a rich and calm aroma.

Get Phool’s Babmooless Incense Sticks, these are 3 times thicker than regular incense sticks and come with a free ceramic holder.

4. Luxurious: Silk, Velvet, Gold and Glitter

Upgrade your upholstery with rich silk and velvet fabrics in jewel tones like ruby red, sapphire blue, and emerald green. These opulent materials lend an air of luxury to your living spaces.

Gold is also synonymous with Diwali. Incorporate golden accents like cushion covers, table runners, or vases into your décor. You can also sprinkle golden glitter on your rangolis for that extra sparkle.

Added tip: When going for a specific theme with decorations, make sure your clothes accentuate and do not clash.

Diwali Shopping Guide to Unique Gifts and Souvenirs

Phool's Diwali Gift Boxes

Phool Diwali Gift Box

Phool's Diwali gift boxes are a perfect blend of tradition and sustainability. Each box contains eco-friendly and handmade items like incense sticks, Dhoopbattis, and essential oils. 

Here are only some of the exciting products that we will be launching as part of our Diwali gift boxes soon! 

There are several gift boxes to choose from. From smaller gift boxes on a budget to massive ones when you feel like splurging, we have it all. Each Diwali Gift Boxe comes with intricate art illustrations such as the detailed story of the Ramayana and the depiction of Goddess Lakshmi. By gifting these boxes, you not only express your love but also contribute to a cleaner, greener planet.

Some Gourmet Delights -

Gift boxes filled with delectable treats like premium chocolates, dry fruits, and traditional sweets are always a hit during Diwali. Opt for boxes with a variety of flavours to cater to different tastes. 

Check out Phool’s Laddoo Candle Box…


Diwali is a time for celebration, togetherness, and giving. By incorporating these décor trends, you can infuse your home with the spirit of the festival. Don't forget to explore unique gifts and souvenirs, and consider Phool's eco-friendly Diwali gift boxes as a meaningful way to celebrate while taking a step toward a more sustainable future. 

As you light up your home and exchange gifts, remember that Diwali is about spreading joy and illuminating the lives of those you love.

We wish you a very Happy Diwali!

September 22, 2023 by Ankit Agarwal