Elevate your living space with Phool's stunning home decor collection

Home is not just a physical space with bricks and walls; it is a canvas where we paint memories. It reflects our tastes and personalities strongly.

In the pursuit of creating a home that mirrors your personality and style, every detail matters. From furniture to colour schemes, each element contributes to the overall ambience of your living space.

Home decor plays an important role in transforming a mere house into a home – a place where one can shed all worries and experience a warm, welcoming feeling.

Home decor helps create the desired atmosphere and ambience

The concept of home decor extends beyond simply arranging furniture; it is the art of compiling elements that harmonise and bring pleasure to our souls.

Among the numerous elements that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, candle votives emerge as versatile items resonating with your style, individuality, and comfort.

Transform your living space, infuse it with warmth and comfort, and introduce a touch of light with Phool’s extensive range of candle votives. Our candle votives are thoughtfully crafted to have a positive impact on your mood, acting as catalysts for enhanced creativity and relaxation.

Each meticulously crafted votive serves as both a functional light source and an artistic expression, infusing spaces with a gentle radiance that transcends the physical and resonates with the emotional need for cosiness.

In a consistently busy schedule, finding moments to sit back and relax is crucial. Creating a positive and welcoming environment becomes especially important.

Phool candle votives to complement every mood:

  • Phool black pearl votive

  • This beautiful lantern-style candle votive inspired by the beauty of pearls taken from the depths of the sea, adds a rustic feel to your date night decor and can turn your boring dinner table into an ideal place for a cosy romantic candlelight dinner. 

    Pair it with Phool Mystical Oasis Candle, an aromatic blend of exotic essential oils and rare botanicals that will whisk you away into the depths of a magical wonderland.  

  • Phool honeycomb gold votives

  • Nothing can be more therapeutic than your favourite corner, your book, and a soft blanket and plush pillows. Combine them with our honeycomb gold votives for your corner table and add a touch of elegance to your space. The stunning gold details and design mimic the elegant work of bees and the shimmering gold base makes it a great option for gifting as well.

    With the Phool Himalayan spring candle, you will have the essence of Himalayan springs taking over your body and mind and giving you a serene environment.

    We have a wide variety of candle votives curated especially by skilled artisans. Each glass votive is individually mouth-blown and handcrafted and hence no two votives are the same.

    Rust gold votives and rust silver votives

    There is nothing as beautiful as the Rust golden votives and Rust silver votives. Elevate any corner of your home with its shiny metallic look. Be it your dining table centrepiece or your bathroom retreat they can complement your every need.

  • Lavender Silver Votives

  • Are you looking for a cute and beautiful votive for your bedside table? Then do not forget to check Phool lavender silver votives designed with love to create a serene bedtime environment. Add some relaxing scents for a peaceful night’s sleep.

     You can also add a personal touch to your office desk giving a soothing glow and casting a beautiful spell.

  • Patina lantern candle 

  • Got a last-minute get-together? Create a magical atmosphere with a Patina lantern candle votive to lighten up parties. You can even place them on the patio table or along the pathways. This votive can make your space luxurious and party-ready.

    You can also use them to decorate your fireplace mantels, window sills, and bookshelves and use them to highlight alcoves and corners. Match them with essential oils that suit your mood and make your every day special.

  • Phool Marble Jali Aroma Oil Burner

  • A beautiful decor piece with intricate marble design with a unique use burns your favourite essential oils to create a peaceful and calm ambience at home. This box comes with tea light candles and 2 diffuser oils to suit every mood.

    Transform your home into a sanctuary of beauty and tranquillity with Phool's exquisite collection, where every piece tells a story of artistry and elegance.


    By combining soy candles, candle votives, and essential oils one can create a holistic sensory experience to cleanse, calm, and relax your body and mind with the enchanting fragrances and sights. 

    If you are looking for a great gifting option filled with well-wishes and good fortune wrapped up to lighten up the special day of your loved ones then there can be nothing better than  Phool’s candle votives. The meticulous craftsmanship, diverse designs, and commitment to sustainability make Phool a great choice in the world of home decor.

    Choose Phool.co today and illuminate your home with warmth every day, every season.