From Holika Dahan to Phoolon Ki Holi: Rituals that Paint the Holi Canvas

Holi is more than just a celebration of colours, it is a symphony of emotions. 

Holi is celebrated in India with utmost joy every year. It is generally celebrated in March, at the onset of spring. This festival has quite an interesting link with Hindu mythology, and different legends contributing to the importance of this festival.

Let's turn back the chapters of mythology and take a look at the beautiful stories painted around the festival.

The First Holi

One of the interesting legends behind the colourful festival of Holi is that of Radha and Lord Krishna. According to Hindu mythology, young Krishna often complained to Ma Yashoda about the stark contrast between his dark blue complexion and Radha’s milky-white one. Amused by his innocence, Ma Yashoda suggested that Krishna could colour Radha’s face so their skin looked the same!

It is believed that this mischievous gesture went on to become the festival of Holi, associated with applying colours to the people we love. This legend is recounted by the old to the young every year on Holi to keep alive the spirit of playfulness and love between Radha-Krishna. 

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The story of Holika Dahan and Prahlad

In the ancient archives of mythology, amidst the clash of titans and the whispers of Gods, there exists a tale of fire and faith, of demons and devotion - the story of Holika Dahan and Prahlad. The legendary story of Holika, a demon, and her nephew Prahlad starts with Hiranyakashipu, a demon king and the father of Prahlad. Prahlad was a devotee of Lord Vishnu, but his father wanted to be worshipped as God. When Prahlad refused to follow, his father got furious and attempted to kill him.

Upon failing, he asked Holika for help. Holika hatched a clever plan: as she was immune to fire, she sat on a pyre and Prahlad sat on her lap. As Prahlad was a devotee of Lord Vishnu, he prayed to him to save him. Impressed by his devotion, Lord Vishnu saved him from the fire, and nothing happened to him, whereas Holika burned down in the fire.

Thus, as a ritual, every year people gather together in groups to perform Holika Dahan, a bonfire symbolising the victory of good over evil. In certain communities, various idols are crafted from cow dung, which are then ceremonially lit on fire during Holika Dahan.

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A Story Of Divine Love

The celebration of Holi is believed to be rooted in a story of love and sacrifice. Upon the death of his consort Sati, grief-stricken Lord Shiva renounced all worldly pleasures and went into deep meditation.

It was said that only Lord Shiva’s son could put an end to the demon Tarakasua who was wreaking havoc on heaven and earth. Everyone turned to the God of Love, Kamadeva for help. He went to Lord Shiva accompanied by Parvati who loved Shiva and shot his love arrow at him, breaking his meditation.

In great anger, Lord Shiva opened his third eye and burnt Kamadeva to ashes. However, the magic of the arrow brought Shiva and Parvati together. Their son, Kartikeya went on to defeat the demon Tarakasua.

When Lord Shiva learnt of Kamadeva’s sacrifice, he revived him and spread his powers across the universe. The eve of Holi honours Kamadeva's sacrifice with a bonfire, and the next day celebrates the power and vibrancy of love with colours! 

The rituals that have been passed on from generations and can not be missed in the celebration of Holi

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Playing with colours- Holi is a festival of colours. It is widely played all over the country with beautiful and vibrant colours as a symbol of joy and brightened futures. People buy water guns and water balloons and throw them on each other with love and affection to eliminate any kind of ill feeling. Holi is a celebration that brings everyone close to each other. With Phool Basant Natural Gulaal Box, you can bring your friends and family together and indulge in the most fun-filled, safe and memorable Holi celebration

Aartis and puja- on this auspicious day of Holi people perform special pujas of Lord Krishna and Radha and sing beautiful aarties of well-being and happiness for all.

Sweets and feasting- Celebrations are incomplete in India without good food. People prepare sweets and organise feasts to spread love. Snacks like gujias,mathri, and various other snacks are prepared for this festival.

Thandai and bhang-. Thandai is a famous cold beverage with milk infused with many spices and is especially drunk on Holi. Some people also mix it with bhang which adds to the spirit of the festival. 

Dhol and music- Holi is celebrated in open spaces where people gather to eat, drink, and dance to the tunes of dhol to make the most out of the day.

Colourful attire- On this day people dress up in colourful attire, these days wearing white has become very popular. People then play with colours and love to be drenched in the vibrance.

Today, the focus of celebration has transitioned from vibrant hues and splashes of water to embracing the beauty of flowers, with a heightened awareness of water conservation. Additionally, there's a growing trend towards opting for organic colours over potentially harmful chemical dyes, prioritising both environmental sustainability and skin health. 

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