Raksha Bandhan 2023

On the auspicious morning of Rakshabandhan every year, our grandparents would often sit out on the verandah with us children and engross us with their storytelling prowess, stories of love & light, courage & conviction, accompanied by unwavering smiles and great warmth. 

These stories were always followed by the smell of food from the kitchen and the fragrance of the agarbatti from the aarti preparation. Sisters and brothers calling each other to come in and sit down for the traditional ritual of tying rakhis & receiving gifts. This is exactly what Rakshabandhan is about - celebrating the love and the bonds we have with our siblings and cherishing the special fragrances and aromas that fill our homes. 

Rakshabandhan in Indian Folklore

India is a country rich in mythology and folklore. Which is why, it doesn’t come as a surprise that there are legends associated with every festival in India, including Rakshabandhan. The most popular fable is that Lord Krishna once cut his finger while working in the sugarcane fields and Draupadi promptly tore off a piece of her saree and tied it to his injured finger to stop the bleeding. It is said that in that moment, Lord Krishna took a divine oath to always protect her from trouble. Many years later, when the Kauravas attempted to disrobe Draupadi in a room full of courtiers, Lord Krishna, with his blessings, caused her saree to become endless, hence protecting her dignity. Another popular fable featuring these two says that Lord Krishna cut his index finger in battle while wielding his divine weapon, the Sudarshan Chakra. This story ends the same way, with Draupadi tying the wounded finger and him protecting her from the Kauravas. 

The Evolution of Rakshabandhan

Modern-day Rakshabandhan has evolved greatly. All siblings, irrespective of gender, now come together to tie each other rakhis. In fact, many children who don’t have siblings even tie rakhis to their pets! The emotions of love, affection & companionship are no longer restricted, or defined by genders. However, this has not changed the sentiment of endearment & care that Rakshabandhan embodies. This is what we, at Phool, want to convey through our Rakhi Collection.

Our products represent a blend of tradition and love, with sustainability at the core. The unique experiences that they create is what makes important occasions like Rakshabandhan so memorable. A vital part of our ethos is embodying fundamental human emotions and elevating your experiences. This is the thought process behind our intricate and certified natural products, right from incense sticks all the way to our Rakhi collection. The spirit of well-being and celebration remains focal. 


Our Rakshabandhan collection is full of variety. Apart from a diverse set of Rakhis, we offer specially curated gift boxes for brothers and sisters, which along with our signature certified products, also contain incredible products from our collaborators. 

Some of our inclusions include Phool bambooless incense sticks with fragrances such as Oudh which has a dominant oriental-woody aroma accompanied by soft floral notes of vanilla and musk; Phool footsoaks, which are ideal for relaxation after a long, tiring day at work. Through our collaboration with Thela Gaadi, we also have colourful quirky socks that one simply won’t want to take off, considering how comfortable they are. Our collection extends into snacks through our collaboration with Eat Better and Vahdam Teas. The chocolate hazelnut ladoos and special selection of teas will nourish and satisfy all your festive cravings in a healthy manner.  

Our rakhis steal the show with their unique features. They are handcrafted, eco friendly, made with 100% pure cotton and the best part is the fact that they are plantable. 




Rakshabandhan is the first big festival of the year, and one of the most important occasions for all who celebrate. We hope you have the most incredible time celebrating with your siblings, whether near or far, young or old, for distance of no kind can diminish the affection & bond between siblings. Meanwhile, we are waiting for you, to help us make your experience bigger and better with our Rakhis and gift curations, made for you, with love and care. 

July 26, 2023 by Ankit Agarwal