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Handcrafted from the flowers offered at the Badrinath Temple, these bambooless incense sticks carry the blessings of Lord Vishnu. It is believed that in the 9th century, Jagadguru Shri Adi Shankaracharya discovered an idol of Lord Vishnu in the Alaknanda River and placed it in a cave. Later, in the 16th century, the King of Garhwal erected the Badrinath Temple and enshrined this idol within it. This is one of the sacred abodes that devotees visit during the Char Dham Yatra and it is believed that visiting this temple cleanses one of all their sins, purifies the soul and leads one towards salvation or moksha.

Infused with the fragrance of Kesar and Chandan, auspicious elements of Hindu rituals, these bambooless incense sticks have a
deep, woody, creamy fragrance that creates a sense of peace. You can burn them during your morning and evening prayers, offer prayers to Lord Vishnu and invoke His divine blessings from Badrinath.

The pack consists of 27 units. Each unit burns for 55-60 minutes and brings a divine energy into the home,
reminiscent of the spiritual energy that one can experience only at 10,170 feet, at the height of the temple itself.

Country of Origin: India

How to use

Hold a lighted match on the tip of the stick until a flame appears

Blow the flame out

Place the stick on the stand

Enjoy the wonderful fragrance!

Do you know

  • Badrinath is one of the most visited sacred abodes in India, having witnessed an influx of over 28 lakh devotees who come from around the world for Lord Vishnu’s blessings.
  • The main shrine houses the black stone deity of Lord Vishnu, which is placed in a gold canopy under a Badri Tree. It shows him holding a shanka and a chakra in two of his arms in a lifted posture and the other two arms resting on his lap in a Padmasana posture.
  • Due to heavy snowfall and dangerous weather conditions, the temple is only open to people between April and November. When it is to be closed for the winter, a lamp is lit and filled with ghee to last for six months.

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Phool Badrinath Kesar Chandan Bambooless Incense Sticks

Divine Badrinath Kesar Chandan Bambooless dhoop stucks

It's really divine aroma, which surrounds you. Will always recommend and have to order again for continuous divine experience. Thanks Phool for bringing an excellent product.

Anjana Shingwani
Phool Badrinath Kesar Chandan Bambooless Incense Sticks

Fragrance very mild

Aditi Deb

Am happy with the product

Dr.Ravichandran .
Very nice

Very nice products.

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