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Write to or call at +91-9561971350 for bulk prices. Minimum order quantity has to be 250 boxes.


PHOOL Training and Consultancy

Since our inception in May 2015 we knew flowercyling the tonnes of flower waste that is generated every day won’t be a one man or company job.  We had reached a capacity of flowercying 1600 Kilograms daily and arrived at a repeatable process with a high percentage of meeting required organic certification standards with great NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium ratio) . The strong heat wave in Kanpur during May was a severe setback leading us to stop our operations. We have restarted our operations with a modest 300 Kilograms per day but the market has huge potential and if we are to address the seemingly intractable problem of flower waste, more should be done . Thus we are looking for partners who would collaborate to address this in a socially responsible way while being financially viable.  We are in search of partners -

  1. Who share a similar vision of transforming waste while being socially inclusive
  2. Commit without qualification to employing women
  3. In all times good or bad they will always adhere by Point 2 (A case in point, when we had to close our operations for 4 months in Kanpur, we continued paying the women workers)
  4. Will bring in the necessary founder/top management focus and operational rigor and leverage their local expertise and experience of sourcing materials and people.

As a initiation step –

  1. You sell at least 100 Phool boxes marked down. Make sure you don’t distribute it for free or sell it to friends or family. We feel this is an important step in understanding the efficacy of the product and market dynamics.
  2. If all goes well, Either Ankit or Karan (founders of Phool) would come down to your location for a training workshop (5 days – Weekends included).

The 5 day engagement would include –

  1. A survey of temples that could potentially be the source for flowers
  2. Planning the logistics of flower pick up, site layout and customizing the operational processes
  3. Mitti –
    1. Actual composting demos and hands-on training
    2. Modernisation options to increase productivity
  4. Sticks & stones -
    1. Making Incense sticks and cones
    2. Transferring the technical know how and value addition steps

 What’s needed from your end –  

  1. Place with a covered shed and water supply
  2. At least 5 women who can be coached and taught the process
  3. Someone to interpret native language of the workers to English or Hindi

The cost for the 5-day technical training will be Rs.3,50,000 (Three lakh fifty thousand only) . This would not only help us filter out individuals/organizations that are not committed to our vision as well as recover part of our R&D investment.  The payments need to made in advance and are not negotiable

During the period of 5 days we will understand each other’s aspirations and work styles and would be able to decide on the mode of collaboration. 

  • The key to arriving at the mode of collaboration is the clarity of vision of the partner and help them to setup and market the output under their own brand or use it for the social good.

Partner’s Own brand –

  1. We have a clear deal – The partner never approaches any customer/client in Switzerland, Germany.
  2. 2% of the profit generated is paid on a quarterly basis to Phool.
  3. The partner undertakes and commits not to transfer the technology and know-how to any individual or organization outside their own without the express written permission of the Founders of Phool.

If you are in agreement with the above engagement framework for technology licensing, please do write to us at or call us on 9561971350. Make sure to send us your LinkedIn profiles.