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Awesome product

Fragrance is very refreshing. Very good product.
I've used Lavender and Rose, and both the products are awesome.
Going to order other flavors also.

Phool Bambooless Incense Sticks - Oudh

Waste of money

Don't buy it it's not useful 😒

Phool Natural Incense Sticks - Oudh

Not good

Did not received product, first face this kind of issue


Quick service

Phool Natural Incense Cones - Tuberose

Very nice fragrance.

Nice product

Nice. Happy to purchase the product


The product is good. Aroma is soothing and comes with nice packaging and an aesthetic stand.

Amazing product

I love using this product.

A worth product

Loved the product , it's only good in terms of its fragrance but it'll repel the mosquitoes also....

Phool Natural Incense Cones - Citronella

Not consistent

These days manu of your sticks burn up to 60% and stop !!! That’s very sad. And unfair !!!!

Not as promised

The mosquito repellent dhoop and liquid is not at all effective.

Phool Mosquito Repellent Pack - Natural Incense Cones Citronella & Eucalyptus

Phool Natural Incense Sticks - Lemongrass


इसकी खुशबू अच्छी है लेकिन इसका मच्छरों पर कोई भी असर नहीं पड़ता जो कि मेरे लिए बेहद निराशाजनक प्रदर्शन है मैंने इसे अच्छे स्वास्थ्य और मच्छरों के लिए खरीदा था।

Phool Natural Incense Cones - Citronella

Phool Bambooless Incense Sticks - Tulsi

It’s always the BEST option for a gift.. always unique.

Not a single mosquito affected

Very bad it suffocated me and still didn't affect any mosquitoes waste of money refund me

It is mosquito repellent and also while breathing I don’t feel irritation .
My mind is peaceful.
I’ll order it again.
And yes mosquito doesn’t instantly go away.. it will take few mins then they die.