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For the one who loves colors!

Basant is when nature awakens from its cold slumber and unfolds like a vibrant painting, breathing new life into the world. Similar to the bond between siblings, Basant radiates warmth & affection and whispers promises of shared happiness and growth. 

  • Phool Basant Plantable Rakhi is handmade with 100% pure cotton, dyed with natural colors, and contains seeds of Amaranthus, Purslane & Basil on the tassels border and Pumpkin on top of the tassels. These seeds are organically sourced from local farmers and will be a perfect addition to your home garden.
  • The box contains a complimentary duo of Roli-Chawal packed in cute bottles to complete the preparation of the Tilak ritual. 
  • Excited to know how these seeds grow into a plant? Read the steps to plant them in the FAQs section below.
  • The planting process is a great way to engage and educate children about the importance of nature!
Pick this rakhi for the brother who can’t resist a burst of color and a bit of dirt! Happy Rakshabandhan 😀

Country of Origin : India

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
akash chauhan

Love the colors ❤️

Beautifully knotted macrame design!!

The colours and knotting is just perfect!!! Also loved the entire packaging!!

Sakshi Pal

When I looked at this Rakhi, the first thing that came to my mind was the hardwork that goes behind making such a sustainable product. Hats off to all the people behind this. PS: I ordered 4 rakhis for all my 4 cousins


Mera koi bhai nahi hai aur muje ye rakhi thodi thodi friendship band jaisi bhi lagi islie I bought this for my muh bola bhai/good friend.

Pure love

I always look for unique rakhis for my brother every year. This year my search ended with Phool :) So happy to have bought it for the special day and excited about it

Q1. Should I sow the seed along with the thread or separately?
This Plantable Rakhi is to be sown as is, along with the thread. Made from 100% organic cotton, it decomposes easily in the soil unlike polyester-based rakhis.

Q2. How to plant this Rakhi?
STEP 1: Cover the Rakhi with a thin layer of soil.
STEP 2: Spray water regularly (make sure to avoid soil waterlogging) and avoid direct sunlight until the seeds germinate.
STEP 3: Once the seeds have germinated, move the pot to an area with optimum sunlight.
General Care
The primary reason behind damaged or dead plants is over or under watering. Before watering your plants, make sure to check if the soil sticks to your finger. If it does, the plant does not require water yet. Avoid watering the plants at night since it takes longer for the plant to absorb water without sunlight. Once a month, loosen the soil of the plant to allow aeration for roots and improve water absorption. Avoid moving the pots around the house. Plants are sensitive to change and may react unfavorably to new surroundings.

Q3. There are many seeds in the Rakhi. Is it okay to grow them all together?
People buying these Rakhis might be based in different agro-climatic zones and their sowing times might also vary. Considering these variations, we have put different kinds of seeds in every rakhi to ensure that even in the most adverse circumstances, at least one of the seeds will grow. We have carefully selected these seeds to ensure that they do not hamper the growth of any other plant around them. It is absolutely okay to grow them together.

Q4. How much time does it take for the plant to grow?

The seeds start germinating in the accurate sowing conditions and take about 7-15 days to grow enough to be visible above soil level.

Q5. How long does it take for the Rakhi threads to decompose?
Under the right conditions, cotton threads take as little as a week to decompose. The maximum they can take is up to 5 months.

Q6. Does this packaging contain plastic?
No, this packaging does not contain plastic.

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