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Bring positivity, well-wishes and good fortune into your home with the Phool Marble Hamsa Gift Box.

What all does it contain?
🖐️ Marble Hamsa Holder - Elegant & Versatile
🌸 Nagchampa Incense Cones - Musky & Mystical Aroma
🕯️ T-light candles (4 units) - To Light Up Every Corner
Represents the concepts of Hamsa and Evil Eye.
The box design illustrates the lunar cycle and other auspicious elements in Indian culture.

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Customer Reviews

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Vinay .

Wonderful initiative and quality product - so very well done

Tripathi .

Amazing as usual feels holy


loved it


Quality product, impressive packaging


The packaging was thoughtful and eco-conscious.

Q1. What are Phool's Plantable Patakas?
Crackers are almost synonymous with Diwali. While the use of firecrackers for Diwali celebrations has become a heated issue, no pun intended, we tried to come up with an eco-friendly alternative with our plantable crackers. These crackers don’t burst but are instead packed with seeds that will grow into beautiful plants.

Q2. How to plant the Phool Plantable Patakas?
STEP 1: Cover the Pataka with a thin layer of soil.

STEP 2: Spray water regularly (making sure to not leave the soil waterlogged) and avoid direct sunlight until the seeds germinate.

STEP 3: Once the seeds have germinated, move the pot to an area with optimum sunlight.

Q3. What are the seeds inside Phool Plantable crackers?
At Phool, each plantable cracker is crafted from waste newspaper and is embedded with seeds such as Green Amaranthus, Red Amaranthus, Basil, Sponge gourd, Gulmohar, Spinach, Golden Shower, Gypsophila, Chrysanthemum, Purslane, Balsam, Cosmos, and Ashwagandha.

Q4. How much time does it take for the plant to grow?
Once the seeds find the right sowing conditions, they start germinating and take around 7-15 days to grow enough to be visible above soil level.

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