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The venerated plant of Tulsi is considered sacred in the Hindu Mythology. Signified in the Vedas and folk medicine, Tulsi, or holy basil, is considered a purifier for the mind, body, and spirit. Tulsi has a special place in every Hindu courtyard across India for its auspicious and protective powers. Bring home this "Elixir of Life" with a unique sharp, fresh herbaceous-minty fragrance to add positive energy. With powerful therapeutic benefits, Phool Tulsi Agarbatti Sticks are aromatic jewels that work as air-purifier for the home. Undoubtedly, its name connotes with ‘the incomparable one’.


Made from sacred temple flowers and highest quality ingredients offered by nature, each Phool Tulsi agarbatti is handmade and dipped in natural essential oils. Unlike the synthetic incense commonly available in the market, Phool aromatic Incense is 100% natural and charcoal free. At Phool, we take pride in making 100% eco-friendly, pure and natural incense sticks.

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raghava rao kollipara

Phool Natural Incense Sticks Refill pack - Tulsi

Murali CN
Made with Science

Sticks emits pleasant aroma, I appreciate the products made

Sheena Ganjoo

Phool Natural Incense Sticks Refill pack - Tulsi

Rashmi Mehrotra

Love the subtle smells. Best is your approach to the environmentally safe approach.

Vijay Kumar

Phool Natural Incense Sticks Refill pack - Tulsi

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Phool Natural Incense Sticks Refill pack - Tulsi
MRP Rs. 245.00 (incl. of all taxes)