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Fill your home with good vibes and the pure fragrance of sandalwood with India's first certified natural Havan Cups in just 10 minutes!

Phool Sandalwood Havan Cups are made from ethically sourced chandan from small farmer families and sacred temple flowers.
They are infused with the pure extracts of ayurvedic herbs, sweet acacia, coconut shells & other natural woods.
Unlike cheap sandalwood havan cups flooding the market that are mixed with synthetic oil and sawdust, Phool Sandalwood Havan cups are certified by Fairtrade Fair for Life standard and approved by Ecocert Greenlife Home Fragrance Standard.
One of the most ancient fragrances, sandalwood has long been celebrated for its rich woody fragrance notes and is known world over for its deeply calming and healing properties.
The pure and healing fragrance of Sandalwood keeps away negative energies, pests and insects!
Each box contains 16 cups and one free ceramic holder ergonomically designed to handle the cups safely.

How to use

Put the Havan Cup in the provided cup holder.

Light the cup at one edge with a medium flame.

Blow the flame out once cup starts burning.

Place the cup in your preferred space. For better effect place it in a mid or large sized room to ensure steady spread.

Please Note -
Do not directly hold the cup once it finishes burning, use the free ceramic holder provided for handling the cup.

Do you know

  • Sandalwood was the world’s first insect repellent!
  • In many cultures it is burned to keep away unwanted pests such as mosquitoes and flies.
  • Sandalwood trees are slow-growing and can take several decades to reach maturity!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 161 reviews
The bottom of the Havan cups are broken.

I called up your customer care and spoke to one Mr. IBRAHIM. An informed him last 2 deliveries weren’t a pleasant experience. The havan cups are comming damaged especially the bottoms are broken. Considering the price of the cups very disappointed.

Shruti Maheshwari

Phool Sandalwood Havan Cups

Devika Raghav
Happy customer

I have been buying your products since 2022 I think.
But my recent buy of Badrinath incense was a little of a disappointment. The sticks at times don’t burn and they were too thin.
Other than this instance. I love your products. Especially the sandalwood and rose and Oudh

Upasana yadav

Phool Sandalwood Havan Cups

Bratati Roy

Third grade

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