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A 100% biodegradable alternative to the toxic EPS a.k.a. Thermocol that is destroying our environment – Why do we need an alternative for Thermocol? -

  • 91% of Thermocol is for single use..
  • It is made from Benzene and Styrene, both of which are known human carcinogens that cause leukemia and lymphoma.
  • There is no technology to recycle EPS/Thermocol. It must be compressed & dumped in soil, or burned.
  • Its production is energy intensive, causing harmful Greenhouse emissions.
  • Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) used in the production of Styrofoam result in air pollution, causing damage to the ozone layer.

Our Solution

Made from temple-flowers, Florafoam is a high-performing, mouldable and durable material. Florafoam is 100% biodegradable and can be buried in your garden post usage. It is customizable to any shape, size, and strength, depending upon the usability. Moreover, it has superior functionality than traditional Thermocol (fire resistance, biodegradable) Florafoam essentially serves as an eco-friendly and cheaper alternative to Thermocol, while also utilizing temple waste to preserve the Ganges. Currently, we are only developing products for B2B clients.

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