5 Benefits of Adding Dhoop Sticks to Your Daily Routine
We don’t give enough credit to our sense of smell. It is a very powerful relay and has been instrumental in our evolution as a species. From the days of foraging for food to creating exquisite scents, it remains one of our most dominant senses which guides our instincts and influences our mood and behaviour.
As part of our instincts, our olfactory sense also affects our memories; certain smells can trigger nostalgia or even induce comfort. The notion of using certain aromas to stimulate the mind and body goes back millennia, and the art of blending and preserving fragrances for therapeutic or spiritual purposes has a long and intriguing history. Some of these methods have survived the onslaught of modernity and the innocuous-looking incense sticks, known colloquially as agarbatti or dhoop sticks in India, are the finest examples of tradition trumping obsolescence.
A small addition to your daily routine in the form of agarbatti or dhoop sticks can improve the quality of your life in many ways. Read on to know how.

Dhoop Sticks - symbols of spirituality

We’re all familiar with agarbattis. They are known by many names across the globe; incense sticks, joss sticks, makko, dhoop, etc. They have been popular across cultures and are often used during religious ceremonies and rituals. From Arabia to China, incense burning continues to be a part of the tradition. Cultural variations exist and have made modern incense quite versatile. From natural flowers, herbs and wood bark to essential oils, several natural ingredients are mixed in different proportions to make incense.

These dhoop sticks come in an exotic range of fragrances; lavender, rose, eucalyptus, agarwood, and many more, with singular notes and effects.

Burning of Dhoop Sticks

Dhoop sticks are a common sight in most Indian households, and for good reason; they have graduated from religious ceremonies and are now a part of the culture. Every auspicious occasion and every new beginning is marked with incense burning. It is not uncommon for people to light dhoop sticks in the morning, beginning the new day with fragrance-induced positivity. There are many reasons to light incense sticks, apart from good fragrance. Here are a few reasons why you should consider adding incense to your routine.


Benefits of adding Dhoop sticks to your routine

Mindfulness and Meditation with Agarbatti

Many people practise meditation to maintain their mental and spiritual balance. It is believed that meditation helps one focus and stay calm. The fumes of a natural agarbatti aid in meditative practices; from inducing tranquillity to creating the ideal stress-free environment for meditation, incense sticks are highly complementary to spirituality and meditation. If you are a practitioner, lighting an incense stick will help you stay focused, and act as a natural timer.

Agarbatti: Natural Repellant and Cleanser

Naturally made agarbattis tend to retain the properties of the materials used in making them. These raw materials have tremendous cleansing and anti-fungal properties; some even function as excellent insect repellants, citronella, for instance, has a refreshing citrusy scent and repels mosquitoes and insects. Incense also helps in cleaning stale air and restoring balance.

Agarbatti for Stress Relief

Sometimes, all you need is to unwind after a long day at work. A calming aroma can help you de-stress, and a single agarbatti stick can be highly therapeutic. Certain kinds of incense are well-known stress relievers, used extensively in healing practices like meditation and spa centres.

Agarbatti as a Pain-Reliever

Did you know that incense therapy can help people suffering from chronic migraines and regular headaches? Incenses like jasmine, eucalyptus and peppermint help relax blood vessels, clearing up sinuses and lowering stress, providing effective relief from migraines and headaches. Along with pain relief, incense helps reduce anxiety and balance blood pressure.

Setting the Focus Foundation with Agarbatti

Scents hold tremendous power; the right smell can completely transform any space, and even brighten one’s disposition. Certain aromas stimulate our brains and help release endorphins; happy hormones that promote joy and pleasure while reducing anxiety. The right fragrance can help you focus, and increase your overall productivity and happiness.

Strategically using incense sticks around your home can make you more energetic and enhance the positive vibrations of your house. Places like your workstation, the study area of children etc, would be ideal spots for burning incense.

Wrapping up

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