Incense difference

Incense difference –

Phool –
⦁ No charcoal
⦁ Hand rolled
⦁ Made from temple-flowers and plant resins
⦁ Contains Milk and honey
⦁ Hand dipped in Natural essential oils
⦁ Smoke contains –
⦁ Has therapeutic properties
⦁ No Sulphur content

Ordinary incense –
⦁ Made form Charcoal
⦁ Machine made
⦁ Artificial Perfume
⦁ Contains Potassium Nitrate (Sa...
April 01, 2020 by Ankit Agarwal
Therma-calling for much needed help!

Therma-calling for much needed help!






16th March 2016, Ankit

Title one

Ganges River, HindiGanga, grea...

April 01, 2020 by Ankit Agarwal

Manual scavenging

Manual Scavenging - Blog


Manual scavenging refers to the practice of manually cleaning, carrying, disposing or handling in any manner, human excreta from dry latrines and sewers. It often involves using the most basic of tools such as buckets, brooms and baskets. The practice of manual scavenging is linked to India’s caste system where so-called lower castes were expected to ...

April 01, 2020 by Ankit Agarwal

Theory of Change by Phool

Preserving the Ganges through Livelihoods

Our mission to preserve the river Ganges and empower women of marginalized communities by providing them a means to earn their livelihood became a reality… Read through our Theory of Change to understand how we are changing the way the world deals with flower pollution.

April 01, 2020 by Ankit Agarwal

Phool Incense Buying Guide

PHOOL offers you a wide range of 13 natural fragrances, each one with its distinct way of soothing your senses and benefiting you with its remedial properties. We wanted to make sure that you find the perfect fragrance for your needs. So here we are, sharing this exclusive guide with you, that gives you an insightful peek into each of our fragrances. Have a great time shopping with Phool!

April 01, 2020 by Ankit Agarwal

Ganges River

Ganges River, Hindi Ganga, great river of the plains of the northern Indian subcontinent. Although officially as well as popularly called the Ganga in Hindi and in other Indian languages, internationally it is known by its conventional name, the Ganges. From time immemorial it has been the holy river of Hinduism.  For most of its course it is a wide and slug...

April 01, 2020 by Ankit Agarwal